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center3 has emerged as a driving force in shaping the digital landscape of the MENA region under the leadership of visionary CEO Fahad AlHajeri. His guidance has been instrumental in positioning the company as a premier Digital Hub in the region.

In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review Americas, AlHajeri shared details on how center3 established itself as the regional digital hub. He emphasized that center3 was created in alignment with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to accelerate the development of the Kingdom’s digital infrastructure.
Notably, in a short time, center3 has grown to be a major player in data center hosting and connectivity.

Leveraging Geographic Advantage

center3 effectively uses Saudi Arabia's geographic position to connect three continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe. Its vast network of subsea cable systems connects into a footprint of 25 carrier-neutral Tier 3+ and Tier 4 data centers. 

These data centers are strategically located to meet the diverse demands of clients, providing a reliable foundation for hosting critical digital operations.

Offering Comprehensive International Connectivity

center3 enhances its data center infrastructure with a robust network of submarine cables to ensure comprehensive international connectivity. Currently, twelve cables are operational, and four new ones—including notable projects like 2Africa and IEX/IAX—are under development to cater to the increasing demands for data. 

Moreover, all center3 data centers are promoted as fully carrier-neutral, offering customers a variety of connectivity choices to meet their diverse needs.

Integrating Digital Infrastructure Services 

center3’s assets merge into an integrated service platform that offers a seamless experience for customers. Its data centers and submarine cables provide a one-stop-shop comprehensive infrastructure ecosystem where various hosted digital service providers, cloud operators, and national and international carriers can freely interconnect.

The strong integration of its services positions center3 as a leader, enhancing the overall value proposition of its services and solidifying its ambition to create a 'Digital Hub' in the region.

Building Partnerships 

By leveraging its robust digital infrastructure, center3 has onboarded many key partners, including 5 hyperscalers and more than 20 content providers. These partnerships underscore center3’s compelling value proposition, which includes superior infrastructure, strategic location, and integrated services. 
As a result, center3, being the regional digital hub, has become a versatile platform, catering to a range of digital needs while driving innovation in the region.

Expanding center3’s Subsea Cable Network

New subsea cable routes are being developed to connect the Middle-East region to East Africa and other regions, improving data transfer speeds and direct connectivity. 

Impacting its global positioning, these routes will reduce latency and improve global network quality, establishing center3 and Saudi Arabia as central nodes in the global digital infrastructure network.

Strategic Vision for center3

AlHajeri envisions market opportunities, organizational growth, and global leadership through the establishment of a comprehensive Digital Hub. With this in mind, the company plans geographic expansion to new Middle Eastern and global markets. 

Citing an example, the acquisition of CMC Networks expands its presence in Africa. New data centers are also being developed in Saudi Arabia to support the Kingdom’s digital transformation initiatives, while subsea cable routes will provide seamless Digital Hub access from East Africa and beyond.

In conclusion, center3, under the visionary leadership of CEO Fahad AlHajeri, has emerged as a pivotal player in shaping the digital landscape of the MENA region. Through strategic initiatives such as leveraging Saudi Arabia's geographic advantage, offering comprehensive international connectivity, integrating digital infrastructure services, building key partnerships, and expanding its subsea cable network, center3 has positioned itself as a premier Digital Hub. 

With a clear strategic vision for market expansion and global leadership, center3 is set to continue driving innovation and digital transformation, not only within the MENA region but also on a global scale, cementing its status as a powerhouse in the digital realm.