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Verizon Business has introduced a comprehensive smartphone management solution designed to streamline operations and alleviate concerns for business owners and their IT teams.

“As IT departments are being tasked with digital transformation within their organizations, from the incorporation of GenAI to strengthening cybersecurity defenses, Verizon Business Complete enables these teams to offload smartphone management and administration and focus instead on higher-order opportunities,” said Iris Meijer, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Verizon Business.

The new service, Verizon Business Complete, covers the entire lifecycle of smartphones, including shipping, setup, replacement, and recycling.

This solution provides businesses with devices, an unlimited wireless plan, and 24/7 employee support.

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Built for Businesses

Businesses today face numerous challenges related to device management, including the shift towards employer-provided devices, the high costs of supplying and managing these devices, and the increasing demands on IT teams.

Addressing these issues, Verizon Business Complete offers an unparalleled end-to-end solution which provides extensive scale and flexibility on Verizon’s ultra-fast, reliable 5G network.

Verizon Business Complete functions as an operational expenditure (opex) solution, eliminating the need for significant upfront capital investment. This gives businesses greater flexibility in procuring and provisioning smartphones, allowing IT teams to concentrate on business transformation.

“As the only US carrier currently offering an end-to-end smartphone management solution to market for businesses, Verizon Business Complete is yet another example of our ability to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that empower our customers and respond directly to their needs,” continued Meijer.

Currently available on a limited basis, Verizon Business Complete will be widely accessible during summer of 2024.

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